What to Bring

We want to be sure that everyone at the LANs has as much fun as possible, and being prepared is the best way to do that. Following these simple suggestions will prevent the most common snags that people encounter, and save you any potential headaches caused by not having something you may need.

Computer Requirements:

  • The computer you bring should be new enough that it can play recent games without much difficulty. There's a lot of stretch room there, use your best judgement. (Magic will not be held responsible for feelings of inadequacy when comparing your rig to other machines in attendance, nor for any urges to spend gobs of money on upgrades after leaving our event.
  • The computer must have a wired Ethernet card or adapter for network access (unless you want to come to the event so everyone can watch you play Freecell and Minesweeper by yourself.) Wireless access will not be provided at this time.

Other Requirements:

  • Installation/Operation CDs for the games you intend to play at the event, as well as installation CDs for your Operating System of choice and any pertinent system drivers, should some PC emergency require them. We strongly recommend that all games you intend to play at the LAN are installed and tested before you arrive at the event.
  • Surge Protector or Power Strip. Outlets are a premium commodity at LAN events. Bring your own. Do NOT bring your UPS or battery backup system.
  • Network cable (suggested around 12 feet). We try to have plenty of CAT5 cables available but they have a nasty tendency to disappear at the end of events.
  • Headphones and a headphone extension cord are highly recommended. Headphones are less likely to disturb others around you, they don't take up a precious, precious power outlet like most computer speakers, and they keep other players from hearing what you're hearing in a game and giving them an advantage. The headphone extension is suggested because most headphones have 4 - 6 foot cords that don't reach to the speaker-out connection on the back of a PC tower that is at your feet under the table.
  • Money. Enough to cover all costs associated with the event, as well as extra cash for things like food and soda.
  • Joystick, Game Pad, or any other input device you prefer to use when gaming. Dance pads may be allowed if space is available, but Magic will not be held responsible for any ridicule received by its user.
  • Mousepad. Bring your mousepad. Experience shows that forgetting your mousepad is a royal pain in the butt.