LAN Details

Mackinaw Community Building
101 S Orchard St
Mackinaw, IL  61755

$10 per attendee - prepaid via Paypal or cash upon arrival

There is always seating for 35 attendees, with room for more if we hit capacity.

Doors open and check-in process begins at 12:00 Noon.
Admins and Core Members are allowed in to setup before that.
Prepaid attendees can arrive at any time, check in, and take their seat.
All other attendees are checked in first-come, first-serve until no seats remain.

Three 24 port Gigabit network switches
Dedicated smoothwall router
DSL Internet (for drivers, updates & etc, NOT for online gaming)

Magic LAN does not currently operate or maintain any game or file servers.  Anyone interested in bringing a dedicated server in addition to their gaming system must get permission from the Admins.