LAN Party 3/16/13

We hope you're looking forward to Saturday, March 16, 2013 as much as we are!  If you want to save $5 on registration, make it quick!  The $10 prepay tickets expire at midnight tonight, less than 3 hours!  After that, the full $15 door fee applies.

There are still lots of seats available, so we are going to shamelessly bribe anyone still on the fence about attending.  Smooth made the excellent point that my pile of game keys doesn't do anybody any good sitting in a spreadsheet.  And if we clear them all out, it will force us to scrounge up more new and exciting sponsors.  So come get these keys!  I have enough to make sure everyone gets at least two, maybe three new goodies.  What's up for grabs?  Let's run down the list:



Oh, Steam reminders!  Update, people!  Don't pack up unless you know you can play your games without trying to download and install during the event.  You will have 100% less fun if you forget this step!  Also, I see that Ace of Spades is free this weekend.  I installed it, and would definitely give it a run if others are so inclined.

As always, you'll find the latest information available on the site, on Facebook, onGoogle+, or our Steam group!

Happy gaming!