5/18 Tournament Info!

Greetings gamers!

Magic LAN's next event has been scheduled for Saturday, May 18th!  You should join us!

We're planning two unique tournaments, one is a classic favorite and the other is sure to be a new hit!  As an added bonus, you won't need to own either game in order to participate, so check out these details!

First up is a 1v1 Lightsaber Duel tournament as a fun way to remember the recently shuttered LucasArts.  Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was released in 2003, and includes a great multiplayer element.  Customize your Jedi's looks, lightsabers, and force powers and battle it out for the top spot!

This will be a round-robin style tournament, where every participant will have a match against every other participant during the course of the day. Matches will use lightsabers and force powers only. The first player to 5 kills wins the match, and the player with the most match wins will be the tournament winner.

Jedi Academy is available on Steam if it's not already in your game library.  But for those that don't have it, the matches are designed to go quickly and the Admins will assist with participation using our machines if necessary.

Our second tournament will involve you and three teammates racing to pull off the perfect heist!  Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine will be released on April 24, and mixes the classic gameplay of Pac-Man and Gauntlet with the action and excitement of Hitman and Ocean's Eleven.  Select a specialty like Locksmith, Lookout, or Pickpocket and work with your team to avoid guards, bypass alarms, and escape with the loot!

This will be a 4 player team co-op tournament, where each team will make one attempt at completing a specific mission as quickly as possible. The team with the fastest mission completion time will be the tournament winner.  We plan to run this tournament on a single machine in a secluded area so that no team can benefit from seeing another's performance.

We will probably arrange some kind of warm up period so that everyone goes into the tournament mission understanding the game. Or Monaco is currently available with a pre-order discount if you want to start practicing ASAP.  Then again, you could wait and possibly win yourself a copy at the LAN!

And as always there will be plenty of time for other games during the event, so post around our forums if you have ideas for additional games!

We look forward to sharing more details on prizes and sponsors very soon, so keep an eye on the site, on Facebook, on Google+, and our Steam group!

Happy gaming!