Hey, remember us?

It's been a while, we know.  And that's totally our fault.  But we never stopped thinking about you, honest!  And we know how this sounds, but we'd really like to get back together.  It can be just like the good old days!  We had some fun times, right?  Sure, we had our ups and downs.  And we admit there was some tension, even violence.  But through all that, we were always such a great team!  You know it's true.

And we've changed!  We moved, for one thing.  This new place is pretty nice.  Plenty of room to party, you can even invite some friends!  We know you didn't stop living when we left, you've probably met lots of people since then.  We hope you've told them good things about us.

We know it will be a little weird seeing each other again.  Awkward at first, maybe.  We've been out of the game for a while, and we're a little out of practice to tell the truth.  But we can start slow, and we will figure it out together!  We want to hear all about what you've been doing lately.

Listen, we know how sudden all this is.  And you're hesitating.  We've let you down before, and you don't know if you can trust this timing.  But we can't wait to see you, and the sooner the better.  How does a couple weeks from now work for you?

What we had was really special, and we know you feel the same.  So take us back, please?


Magic LAN