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Name: April, Fools!
Start: Saturday, 01. April 2017 12:00
End: Saturday, 01. April 2017 23:59

It's been a long time, but we are back!

We've moved to Mackinaw!  Their community building is a great fit for our needs.  Plenty of space, plenty of power, and much better internet than we've had in the past.  It's also nicely central to both Peoria and Bloomington.

We're a little out of practice, but we are looking forward to dusting off the equipment and gaming again!  What have you been playing?  What are the must-play titles for this event?


Be Excellent to Each Other. We have never had to make someone leave an event. Do not be the first.

NO Smoking inside the building.

No Alcohol, no exceptions.

No food or drink will be provided by Magic.

Food and Drinks ARE allowed into the event! Feel free to bring snacks and soda.

You may also leave the event to eat elsewhere and return afterwards.

You will be expected to clean up your own trash, unless you bring your mom to do it for you.

Do not use, touch, or breathe on anyone's equipment without their permission.

One entry fee = One Gamer + One Computer. No additional systems, game consoles, etc without Admin approval.

No Computer = No Entry. Spectators will not be permitted.

Journey Description:

101 S Orchard St, Mackinaw - Google Maps

Parking Map:

Parking Map

Location Name: Mackinaw Community Center
Street Name: S Orchard
Street Number: 101
ZIP/Postcode: 61755
City: Mackinaw
Country: USA
Payment instructions: $10
Number of participants: 22 of 35 spaces available ( 13 Tickets sold / 0 Tickets pending / 5 Users unpaid )
Visitor information: Not Allowed
Minimum age: 15 Years
Smokers section: No
Network description:

Gigabit network for LAN participants.

Internet connection:

Much better than we've ever had!

Contact Email:
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April, Fools! » Participants
# Username: Seat: Paid: Subscribed: Checked In: Checked Out:
1 widget 03.17.2017 19:05
2 309.derek 03.18.2017 04:13
3 cooptastic 03.18.2017 04:29
4 frohawk 03.18.2017 05:46
5 the_ghost 03.18.2017 05:47
6 noya 03.18.2017 08:44
7 mojo23 03.18.2017 10:40
8 stalin 03.18.2017 15:45
9 maverik 03.18.2017 16:40
10 badinfluence 03.20.2017 11:17
11 iceman72686 03.20.2017 12:15
12 firestar 03.21.2017 11:15
13 magnus 03.22.2017 07:18
14 flashiv 03.23.2017 02:50
15 computer_man20037 03.23.2017 03:01
16 trotsky 03.23.2017 07:20
17 xgregory 03.27.2017 14:01
18 br0chure 03.28.2017 01:20
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